Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

My Mom...
A blessing to those who know her
With love and care for us all
She is a goldy woman
A woman who answered His call
She is my loving mother
A woman who's strong and tall
An example of Christ's compassion
She lifts me when I fall
She's there to heal and nurture
And protect me from it all
With what she has to offer
She gladly gives her all.
I love you mom! ~Jody
Two daughters celebrating a wonderful Mother!
Even the grandsons celebrate their Grammy this special day!
Two of the most AMAZING women I have ever known.
It is a blessing to have them in my life (my sister - my mother).
They are both my inspirations as godly woman and moms.
My sister and her four boys......celebrating their mommy!

Happy Mother's Day....
for two very SPECIAL moms!

I love you mom! - I love you Jenny!