Monday, June 30, 2008

Date with my Aunt & Uncle

So my Uncle Marvin called me earlier today and asked me out on a date :) He and my Aunt Joyce are in town visitng from North Carolina. Anyway, they came and picked me up and took me out to dinner at The Hat - super yummy (and totally not on my diet plan, which made it taste even better!-oops!). It was such a great night! You know its weird, I don't think we've ever just sat and talked like that before. Usually we're at a family get-together and we do some casual talking, but really nothing like this. It was so nice to spend 3 hours just visiting with them, learning a little more about their life and adventures, and getting helpful tips from them that were very encouraging and will hopefully enhace my creative skills. I loved the time we just spent together, but wish we had more time to spend. It should be your family who you know the most and who know you the most. I sometimes lose sight of that. I think I take my family for granted a lot and don't take advantage of the time we're blessed with, with them. I'm am just so glad that I had this time with my Aunt & Uncle tonight. I am, however, a little disappointed that I forgot to take a picture with them. I kept trying to remind myself throughout the night to remember to take one and then only remembered as they were driving away. Oh well, I'm hoping to see them a couple more times this week before they leave so I'll have to get one then :) I'm sure I'll have more posts to come! heehee

Uncle Marvin and Aunt Joyce,
Since I now know you read my blog I would like to say thank you for a wonderful visit! I hope I can come and visit you soon out in NC. I know you have had some exciting experiences traveling the world and being missionaries and I would love to hear more of your stories...and see some photos! :) I'm actually quite sad that I've never taken the time before to truly get to know you and would like the chance to do so. Thanks again for asking me out on the date, it was so great to see you and spend some quality time with you. I love you guys!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Jam-Packed Weekend

So this was a great weekend! It started off on Saturday morning, driving out to Huntington Beach. I arrived at the beach around 11am and found a great parking spot (no meter)...super lucky! I walked along Main St. for a bit, stopped in at Jamba Juice, got a LARGE Strawberries Wild, and found a nice spot on the beach by the pier. The place was packed! Summer is here, and boy were people taking advantage of the nice weather at the beach! So I plopped my stuff down on the sand and took a nice long nap, listening to the waves crashing and the background music from the guy next to me who was playing his radio. Of course, I chose a spot where I'd have a nice view...there were some cute guys there :) Anyway, after enjoying the sunshine and trying to get a tan, I decided to take a stroll along the beach, get my feet wet, and do a little people watching (there are some crazies out there!). I also watched a couple surfers too - I don't know why they get so close to the pier, its dangerous!So, after all that, I headed back up to Main St. There were a couple street performers out there trying to make some cash, and a few others trying to make a statement. So I mosied around for a bit, went into a couple shops, and then headed back towards my car. As I was walking back, I went past the Huntington Beach Surf Museum. Can you believe that all the years I've lived in HB I haven't been in there? Well, I decided it was high time I checked it out. It's a tiny little museum! One thing I thought was pretty cool in there was this wall that had a map of the world...and around the map were old keys (real keys), with hotel room #s attached (key chains). There were keys from every place they'd ever surfed around the world! It was crazy how many keys there were! Pretty cool little keep sake! So after the museum, I had a couple hours to kill before my hair appointment :) So I did a bit of shopping at Forever 21 and this cool vintage shop in Costa Mesa. Then came time for my hair appointment. I'm not sure why it took so long this time, but I was there from 5-9pm! Crazy! I love my hair lady, but I never seem to get what I ask for. Oh well, I usually still like what I end up with, but sometimes I just wish she would get it right. For instance, she and I started to discuss what I wanted done for my hair. I said, I think I want to add some low-lights on top so that my hair is darker, and then do all dark underneath (just my natural color). So what happened...I now have blonde hair? She did dark underneath but blonde high-lights on top. I don't get how she got confused to that extent. Oh well, it doesn't look bad, just not was I was asking for. Maybe I should have a picture with me next time...perhaps a visual would work better! :) After my hair appointment I headed home. A little after 10pm I got a phone call from my mom (grammy) sister Jenny had her 5th little baby - A GIRL!!! - little Mahaila Jo Mena (aka Hailey-Jo). Isn't she just so precious! I soooooooooo wish I could've been there for the birth, as I was there for the last two babies born, but Mississippi is pretty far away! So now I need to start planning my trip out there to meet my new little niece! Yea!!!!, I finally have a niece!!! :) Ok, so Saturday was a long and eventful day! Sunday, I was able to meet up with a couple girlfriends and we went to see the new movie "Wanted". It was ok, definitely entertaining...but I think its a rental for sure! Lots of action, but kinda gory and pretty far-fetched. But again, entertaining.
Then we went next door to Paulie's and Carissa was giving Beth and I some pointers on our Paris trip that we're planning (since she's traveled all through Europe before). Its so exciting planning the trip, I don't know if I can wait two more months to go! I really want to go now! :) But, I'm sure the time will fly by. Anyway, Carissa was a lot of help and hopefully Beth and I can get our tickets booked within the next two days. So, that was my fun-filled weekend! I got to go "home" to the beach, got my hair done, have a new little niece, went to the movies, and planned my trip to Paris! Fhew! Now to start another week...

Friday, June 27, 2008

Details about Jody...

Flickr game

the rules
a. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.
b. Using only the first page, pick an image.
c. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into fd's mosaic maker).

the questions
1. What is your first name? Jody
2. What is your favorite food? Mexican
3. What high school did you go to? Chino High
4. What is your favorite color? All the Colors of the Rainbow
5. Who is your celebrity crush? George Clooney
6. Favorite drink? Strawberry Margarita
7. Dream vacation? Tropical Island
8. Favorite dessert? Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
9. What you want to be when you grow up? Wife, Mom, Photographer
10. What do you love most in life? Family and Friends
11. One Word to describe you. Friend
12. Your flickr name. Jody aka "Shutterbug"

Something New

So I tried wearing a scarf on my head today. Not sure what to think about it. I really didn't feel like doing my hair so I first started off with putting it in a bun. Then I looked too plain. So I got out my BIG bag of scarves. I tried a few different ones on and decided to just go with the black and white stripped scarf. So here it new look for the day:
It was nice because I never had to deal with my bangs getting in my eyes, or my hair just annoying me while I'm working...It was all pulled back and away from my face. Very nice! Now, some may think I look like a pirate of some sort today...but oh well. I think I might have to do this again sometime. It will make getting ready in the morning so much faster! :) And I'm sure my boss would like that...maybe then I'll get to work on time! heehee :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Poopies Together Again!

I am so happy right now. Tonight I was able to see my dear friends "poopies", Manny and Michelle! :) It was so great to see them and spend time catching up, reminiscing, and just having good times laughing with each other. Gosh, you have no idea how much I love these two! They are so very special to me! I hope that we'll see more of each other this summer... with our fun pool days!! Hopefully one day I'll be able to move back out to Orange County and be near them again! I love you poopies!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lunchbreak Blues

Do you ever have one of those days at work where you just don't feel like doing anything? Yea, it happens to me a lot. Even though I have stuff that needs to get done, I can't help but daydream and wish I was out at the beach, laying in the sun, enjoying the crash of the waves. So I'm on my lunch break right now and all I can think about is how tired I am and how much I miss living at the here I am, wishing I was napping on that warm sand. Well, I have about 5 more minutes to dream and then its back to reality. Gotta get those proposals bound and in the mail so we can get more work and I can get more pay (wishful thinking - heehee)! :) Happy Tuesday to you...I hope the weekend comes soon!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Oh joy...laundry day!

With the weather being hot like it is (in the 100's) I decided to get out of my hot, unairconditioned house and spend the day at my mom's empty house with her central AC. And since I don't have a washer/dryer at my house, I took my LOADS of laundry with me...7 loads to be exact! I spent the day watching movies on my portable dvd player and cleaning my clothes...Annie was lucky enough to join me as I couldn't bear to put her outside in the heat all day. Of course my mom's house is vacant, meaning nothing to sit on!! A 9 hour day on the floor isn't all its cracked up to be. My butt is still sore! But, being in the house with AC was worth the pain in my butt! Plus, I now have some clean clothes to wear to work!

So, it was a long day...but my 7 loads of laundry are done, my netflix movies are watched, and I was able to stay cool enough not to melt away! Thank GOD for AC!

Healing and Hair

It was a big weekend for the kids...well, my cute pets :) Annie (my dog) and Cali (my cat) had a fun trip to the Vet to get all check out. Cali has been sick for some time now, but I didn't really have the money to spend to make her well, but decided it was time. So the very young, handsome doctor (too bad he's married) gave her a checkup and decided to put her on some antibiotics. Then came Annie. Both Annie and Cali were strays, but Cali I got when she was a kitten so I knew her history...Annie, on the other hand, I have no clue about. The Vet thinks she's around 6 or 7 (sad, she's get'n up there in age) and that she may need a full "senior" workup....which is over $200!!! Ouch! Well, I can't afford that right now, and plus she seems to be in good health. So we'll wait on that for now. Also, I had noticed she had some crooked teeth...well, the doctor seems to think that she had broken her jaw at one point and it healed that way because no one took care of her. Poor little thing! He thought that she had been hit by a car! So sad! Well, I will be sure to take good care of her now that she's my little girl :) Anyway, both of my girls were sent home...Annie in good health, and hopefully Cali will get better soon (although its hard catching her to try to give her her meds 2 times a day!). After the visit with the Vet, I took Annie in to get her hair done :) Doesn't she look so cute with her short hair? With the hot weather, we took off all her hair so she could stay cooler. I hope she likes it! :) Can you tell she's hot out in the 100 deg. weather!
Poor thing wouldn't stop panting :(

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hanging With Bethie

Last night was fun! Beth and I met half way between our two houses last night. We first started with In-N-Out! I love In-N-Out, but haven't had it in awhile because when my step-brother was in town we had to have it every single day for the entire week he was here! So, I was a little sick of it...but finally had it again and it was great! So we had our dinner (protien style and no fries with water, to go along with my diet) and then headed over to the movie theater. My mom had been raving about the movie "Iron Man", but I really had no desire to see. Well, we saw it last night...and I thought it was great! You were right mom! :) Anyway, if you go see it, make sure you stay till all the credits have finished...cuz there's a little clip at the end that gives more info of things to come!!! There's definitely going to be a sequel. Anyway, we had a fun night out...I'm so glad that I have Beth in my life! She's one of my bestest friends and I love her so much!! :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Girl's Night in LA

Saturday night was fun! Carissa, Kristy and I met up in LA at the Universal City Walk in Hollywood. The place was crowded with so many is out, so there were lots of kids (some who were very annoying)! Anyway, we decided to have dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe at the City Walk. We enjoyed some good food and good conversation. After dinner, we strolled around the City Walk going through the maze of a crowd, going in and out of shops, and just enjoying the evening. Oh, and we took some fun pictures in one of the souvenier shops...they had some crazy sunglasses in there! :)
After the City Walk, we drove over to the Griffith Observatory, but found that the road we decided to take up there was closed. So we decided to go on an adventure through the Hollywood Hills trying to find another path. After going through the tiny little streets, seeing all the nice houses that we could never afford, we finally found the correct entrance (thanks to Kristy and her handy-dandy map!) :). We got there kinda late, so we only had a 1/2 hour to spend there before it closed. But we had fun none the less. Carissa and I were having too much fun just taking photos of random things around the observatory...but did take a couple pictures of us peering through the telescopes to see the stars. I like the picture to the left...Carissa took it, I like the blurring lights! Anyway, the lines were long for all the really big scopes, so we didn't get to see any planets...but still, it was fun! :)
Above is a picture of me and Carissa in front of the observatory...Kristy was a little pooper and wouldn't get in it...but I want everyone to know that she was there! :) One day we'll look back at these pictures from the observatory and wonder who was with us that night...since she didn't get in the picture! haha, jk...I'll always remember you were with us Kristy! :) Love you!

So after our fun evening in LA, we headed home. It is always fun hanging out with my girlies...I love you guys! I am so glad that even after all these years we are still good friends! I hope our relationships only grow stronger with time! Big hugs to you girls!!! See you soon! :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

I hate diets

Ok, so I decided that I need to lose weight! I was out shopping this week, or should I say returning :) and the gentleman behind the counter, who was helping me, said "oh no, don't lift that I'll get it for you", I thought, he is so nice! Yea, then not 5 seconds later he said, "oh by the way, congratulations on the baby!". NICE...he thought I was pregnant! So that was it...I've had too many of those instances so its time to take charge! I have cut out sodas, cut back on carbs, and have increased my fruit and "yucky" vegetables (I hate vegetables!). I went grocery shopping and stocked up on all my necessary food products needed to achieve the weight loss. I started going to the gym, which I'm excited about, because I really do enjoy it once I'm there...its just hard getting there cuz I'm tired after work. Anyway, I also have this book that has been helpful called "Eat This, Not That!". It definitely came in-handy today when all the girls went to lunch at Chick-fil-A. I was able to choose healthy and still enjoy what I was eating! Its great because the book is small enough to keep in your purse so you can pull it out whenever you're in contact with food to help with your choices :) So...wish me luck on this new journey of dieting...or should I say, Healthy Living! :) Hopefully I'll drop some pounds here soon since summer is here and I'll want to go to the beach! :) So I'll keep ya'll posted on my progress, but week one is going good so far...I feel better even if you can't see a difference yet!

Monday, June 9, 2008

What a weekend

What a weekend....
After lots of long hours cleaning, organizing, shopping for, and decorating my house, mom flew in and arrived on Wednesday afternoon. It was so great spending time with her, even though the time was busy. Our dear friends Jeremy & Krista had their wedding this weekend, and mom flew out for it. It was great that she got to spend time with her bestest friend Judi too and be a part of all the wedding festivities. Mom and I got to spend some time shopping and watching a movie or two at my house, but most of the time was centered around the wedding...with a family get-together squeezed in :)

Jeremy and Krista tied the knot on Saturday...
it was a nice big wedding! They had a full house at the church that afternoon, and a full backyard for the "Father of the Bride" type reception. Beautiful! Oh, and can I say that they had an amazing
  • photographer
  • ! He rocks! Hopefully I'll get married one day so I can use him! :)

    Sunday we had a family get-together (mom's side) at my Aunt's house to celebrate my Grandma's birthday, and my Grandpa's Father's Day. It was a nice day...we bbq'd, enjoyed the beautiful sunshine, sat around talking and catching up, watched a little "I Love Lucy" with my cousin Don...and then drove home. Its always nice hanging out with relaxing and enjoyable!

    Anyway, it was a good weekend...and I miss mom already! Hopefully I'll get to see her soon, but I know her next trip is to Mississippi to be at my sister's birth of her 5th child (due anytime now!)!!! :) Exciting Exciting Exciting!!!

    Tuesday, June 3, 2008

    The Jody Fund

    Ugh, so I definitely don't think I'm cut out to work a full time job and have a "career". I just need to find my "sugar-daddy" (heehee) so that I can quit work and start traveling :)...and then have a family! Anyway, this summer is going to be the BIG 3-0 birthday for me!!! I really want to go to Paris, maybe Rome and London as I'm thinking of starting a Jody Fund. If you have any spare change, send it my way! :) I really want a stamp in my passport this year! If I can't have a least I'll have Paris! :) heehee!!!

    Monday, June 2, 2008


    This weekend was nice...and busy!
    It started off on Friday with a night out with the girls! We went to see the new Sex and The City movie. It was very good...definitely wrapped some things up that were left hanging with the series finale on TV. Then we went to Chevys for some chips & salsa! We, again, had some very deep conversations and ended up staying so late that we closed the restaurant!
    Saturday I spent the whole weekend working around my house from 6:30am till about 9:00pm. Still unpacking (which is taking FOREVER) and decorating. I got the guest room all done, just in time for mom's visit this week! My room is almost done and I'm hoping to get it finished within the next couple days.

    Sunday I had to run a few errands and then Carissa and I met up and we went to see the new movie What Happens In Vegas, which was pretty funny! - and I think Ashton is very cute it was an eye pleaser! heehee :)
    All in all it was a great weekend...but as always, too short!!