Sunday, August 30, 2009

volleyball time!

After church today, a few of the dedicated got together to play some fun volleyball at the nearby "Shark Park". It was HOT at 107 degrees,
but we played through the heat with smiles on our faces and sweat dripping down our cheeks! LOL :) We had a great time! After awhile the heat didn't feel so bad, we kinda got used to it. So next time, I want to see you all out there playing with us! Just bring lots of H2O and your team spirit!!! :)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

beach outting with the girls

Today the girls from my Young Adults group at church got together and spent the day at Huntington Beach. Not sure why none of the guys showed up, but we have fun without them anyway! It was a beautiful day outside with our feet in the sand and the wind in our hair! There were tons of people out today...with the HOT weather lately, I'm sure we all need a day at the beach! And today, we were ALL there!!But despite the crowds, we were able to enjoy our time together on the beach, hanging out, reading magazines, chatting with each other, putting our feet in the water, snacking on stale cheetos (Ashley!) was great!!Thiam - Holly - Ashley - Jody Ashley was too cute...she was wrapped in the towel and squatted...she looked like a little person! I had to take a pic! Here's lil AshHere' Skater AshWell, next time we have a Young Adult event and you're between the ages of 23-35, you should join us! If you're interested in attending fun outtings, let me know! We have a few more coming up still this month!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Angels vs. A's

Angels vs. A's
Tonight I went to an Angel's game with two of my very sweet girlfriends, Carissa and Holly. Carissa hooked us up with free tickets to the game with great seats [club seating] and free parking! Gotta love FREE! :) We had a good time chatting and catching up, as we haven't all hung out in a couple months. I mostly enjoyed the time with the girls rather than watching the game...oh, and eating the yummy park food! I had an "angel dog" and coke, and shared some chili fries with Holly. Yum! :)

The game was also cool because we got to see a couple players addded into the Angel's Hall of Fame...Brian Downing and Chuck Finley. Here's a picture of Brian Downing (sorry, its far away) as he was giving his speech. It was a great night! Thanks girlies for hanging out...and thanks Carissa for the awesome hook-up! Love you girls!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Wow, so I had a major craving last night for a
It was all I could do to not go to the kitchen and bust out all the baking supplies and make a whole batch to devour all by myself! But I refrained, thank goodness! That would not have been good for my waistline! :) I still had the craving and so I went to this bakery in Chino Hills that my friend Kerry had recommended called Dolcissimo. They had a variety of decadent choices to choose from, however I was able to make a swift decision with the chocolate chocolate chocolate CHOCOLATE cupcake! Chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, chocolate sprinkles...Yes, it was very chocolatie!!! I purchased this piece of heaven and walked next door to Peet's Coffee and ordered a Mocha Fraddo to enjoy with my lil cupcake. I was so pleased to have filled my craving, but wasn't so impressed with the gourmet style cupcake. Not sure exactly why, maybe it was too rich or too chocolatie, but I much prefer the store bought cake mix box at the grocery you get more for your money! The cupcake at Dolcissimo cost $3.25! You can make so many more yourself for that price! Next time, I will! Anyway, I'm so glad that I finally ate a was super good, even though it wasn't my favorite.

On a side note...
I have been blessed today. Some very sweet friends, the Myers, were so generous and donated their old digital camera to me today. The one I carry with me at all times in my purse (for life documentation on a daily basis) broke while I was out of town visiting my mom up north. I had posted on my facebook page that I was in need of one, but couldn't afford to purchase a new one right now (being unemployed and all)...and they offered theirs to me. How awesome is that!!! So today I went and picked it up, chatted with them for a bit, and actually used it today for this blog...I took my cupcake pic with it. So thanks again Myers for being so giving! I greatly appreciate your generosity! :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

bushels, bales, and tails

Today my mom and I went to the Grant County Fair in Moses Lake, WA. It was quite a different fair compared to the LA Fair that I'm used to...much smaller. We actually walked through the whole fair within about an hour and a half. Mom didn't walk however, her knee has been bothering her real bad lately, so I pushed her in a wheel chair today. Here's mom on wheels :)We had a good time at the fair, but once we saw everything it was time to need to stick around. There wasn't any entertainment going on while we were there and we'd have to wait another hour or so before a bband would start. We did want to see them though, they were called "Brothers from Different Mothers"...I love it! :) Anyway, it was a good day.

I love this photo...I call it "the lonely swing"...this little girl was the only one waiting to ride the swings and they ran it just for her. Yep, a fair of the small town life.

"Incredible Beef"...
Yep, it's time for dinner...where's the steaks?
This next photo needs no explanation, but I like to call it...
"the other cow"a few of the prize winning flowers from the locals

Sunday, August 16, 2009

31st birthday

It was a very nice day spent with family. Actually we started celebrating yesterday...
We woke up yesterday and started the morning with a bit of garage saling (one of my favorite things!), just me and mom. i found a few items for purchase and we continued on. Around noon, my step-sister Kae came over and brought me some beautiful daisies
and then we all went to lunch at DK's...where I enjoyed some yummy chicken strips and french fries! mmm mmm good! After lunch we went over to the Grant County Museum located in their town of Ephrata. That tour took a couple hours and we learned a lot about the history of the county. It was pretty cool actually. After the museum we went and got some tasty snow cones...I had strawberry! :) Later that evening we headed out towards the Grand Coulee Dam, grabbed some dinner at the Country Grill, took it over to the dam and watched the laser light show that was out on the water/dam. It was pretty cool. Then we headed home and hit the hay.
Today, my BIRTHDAY!, I slept in till around 10 am and then woke up to a homemade breakfast by Ray-Ray. We had eggs, hashbrowns, sausage, and toast. A great way to start the day! Then I took some time getting ready for the day (you know, showering and stuff) and then they surprised me with some cards that had money and a starbucks gift card in it! Love that! And they also had a maple donut birthday cake! I blew out all the candles with one breath and then we devoured the donuts!

Then we headed out to Moses Lake where we spent a few hours bowling...and I won 2 games out of 3! Go "Bday Babe" that was my bowling name :)
Mom = Sexy Striker, Kae = Gutter Girl, Ray= Pin Pop, and
Me= Bday Babe

After our games, we went across the street to the Golden Corral Buffet where I had a great meal! I ate an awesome steak, mashed potatoes, a slice of pizza, some fruit, and a cupcake for dessert! I was stuffed! Oh and the waitresses sang "happy birthday" to me too...that was fun! :)
I spent some time on the phone with my sister and her 4 little boys, my brother, his wife and son...and then we headed back home where we watched a couple movies.
A great birthday once again! :)
Thanks everyone for your birhtday wishes, they made me happy!
Love you all!!!