Saturday, March 29, 2008

Two Become One

On March 29, 2008 my mom and her wonderful man, Ray (or Ray-Ray as I like to call him), got hitched! "Two Become One" has a double meaning...for the two of them joined together as one and so did our two families. Ray has two great kids, Troy who is married to sweet Emily, and cute Kaelynn. It seems like we've been family forever! God couldn't have picked a better bunch! We all love each other and are so blessed to have each other! Mom is off living in WA now with her new husband and starting a new chapter in her life. I am so happy she found someone who loves her as much as Ray does! He is perfect for her!!

Oh, I caught the bouquet! - well, my mom threw it at me! :)

Monday, March 3, 2008

My Washington Tour

I took a little mini vacation this past weekend to visit Washington...where my mom will be living soon. Her fiance, Ray, is the best tour-guide! He took us all over Eastern WA to show me the sites! It was great seeing the beauty and visiting with my soon-to-be new family :) Here are some photos from my adventures up North....

Visiting a park in Spokane with my soon-to-be step brother, Troy. He is pretty awesome! :) - oh, and I'm finally going to be a big sister! I think that's pretty exciting!
Me and mom in front of a Washington sign...
Lovely Ephrata - where mom and Ray will be living (a bit desert-ish!)
walking through the snow on the wheat field, about to make my first snow-angel
taking photos of some horses - I took over 300 photos on my trip!
Ray now calls me "Shutterbug"
on a bridge at the lake in Cour'de'lain, Idaho
at Dry Falls with mom and Ray

posing with mom at the Gorge
touching the healing waters of Soap Lake...
Well, now you've seen just a glimpse of my tour around WA. You should all visit there one day, its very pretty!