Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Happiest Place on Earth!

"Hold on to your hats & glasses.....
this here is the wildest ride in the wilderness!"
with the girls is so much fun! I had a great time spending the day with Carissa and Kristy! My two long time friends from High School Cheer Squad. I love them bunches!
Oh yes, learning how to shoot a rifle at Disneyland...who would've thought! hahaha
The Ladies at California Adventure!
Good times with Good friends!
Love you girls!!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Karen's 31st Birthday!!

My good friend Karen turned 31 this year,
and we had a great day celebrating her life!
First, we surprised her with a new BBQ in the morning....she loved it! Then we all met at Javier's for an early dinner...chips & salsa baby! Javier's is my favorite! Its HEAVEN!
Then we headed over to the Improve to see Jay Mohr...who is hilarious, by the way!!!
Jay Mohr LIVE folks!!! Can I just tell you how fun it is to meet famous people! I don't know why I love it so much, but I get so excited when I see them. I wasn't supposed to take pictures during his act, but I snuck one anyway! Jay Mohr was great! During his sets, I ran into him 3 times! So awesome! Nikki Cox, his wife, was also there....beautiful as always! Good times!
We had a great night! Good times with friends, laughing and having a fun time. Karen is a special friend and I love her dearly! I'm so blessed to have her friendship! Happy Birthday Karen! Love you bunches!!!!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy Resurrection Day!

Spending time with family on holidays is always a good time! The boys were so cute on their egg/toy hunt in Grammy's backyard! We hid the goodies in their secret hideouts! They loved it!
Jake and Zack hunted around the yard, squeezed though the bushes, climbed trees, and had a blast!
Ben had such a great time finding his treasures around the yard with the help of his two big brothers. Jake & Zack were so joyful helping their brother....I think they had more fun than Ben! :) But look at his bag full of goodies!!! Its almost as big as he is!
Lil Sam wasn't able to get around the yard like the older boys, but he had surprises waiting for him in the house....he managed to crawl over there to find them. Just look at his happy little face!

Good times with family! I'm so blessed to have them in my life! I hope you all had a very special Easter this year too!