Monday, October 18, 2010

The Clever Corner's Clever Cupcake

Well, its official...The Clever Cupcake is in business! I have been in LOVE with cupcakes for so long, they are just the cutest little bites of Heaven! And now I get to enjoy making them regularly!

If you are in need of cupcakes for a special event, birthday, baby shower, bridal shower, office party, or anything at all...The Clever Corner's Clever Cupcake is what you need!

The Clever Corner will come to your event, set-up according to your theme, and supply you with the most adorable and "Clever" cupcakes!

Just email for a quote! I look forward to making your event extra special!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

women's day out @ oak glen

We had a women's day out today for the ladies at my church. We decided to spend the day at Oak Glen for a 'Fall Fun Day'. We met up at the church and headed out in three cars. Sadly, one car took off without the rest of us and since there was no cell reception out there, we never met up with them. But the rest of us still had a great time hanging out with each other all day.
We walked around, shopped, ate yummy food, listened to live music, watched a gun show, bought some yummy apple cider, ate some apple pie, and laughed a lot! Good times!We were being goofy...we spelled out J O Y

I love fall fun days!! :)