Sunday, January 20, 2008

Little Orphan "Annie"

Good news folks....I was driving home from the gym the other night and there was a surprise for me in the street. This cute little dog was in the middle of the street licking...something. :) Anyway, I nearly hit the little thing and had to make a sudden stop. So I sat there for a bit and she didn't even notice me. So as I got out of my car and headed towards her on foot, she looked up, rolled over on her back and wanted me to pet her. She was soooo cute!- well, besides the super dirty and matted coat of hair she had. Nevertheless, I took her home and gave her a bath. After calling around, no one had reported her I decided to keep her for my very own. Last week was our first week together and we had lots of fun! She got to go to the park, we did some shopping...yes shopping! she was in my purse, met some new people, and we went to the beach! I love having her in my life and feel like God knew exactly what I needed to cheer me up! She has been so wonderful (well, besides the lack of potty training). So here she is, and I think the name fits her, Little Orphan "Annie"......

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the Trontels said...

Jode...this makes me smile :) what a cute little doggy...and perfect for you! My mom LOVES small white can check them out on her blog:

I LOVE the black and white picture of you and Annie. Very cool!