Saturday, March 29, 2008

Two Become One

On March 29, 2008 my mom and her wonderful man, Ray (or Ray-Ray as I like to call him), got hitched! "Two Become One" has a double meaning...for the two of them joined together as one and so did our two families. Ray has two great kids, Troy who is married to sweet Emily, and cute Kaelynn. It seems like we've been family forever! God couldn't have picked a better bunch! We all love each other and are so blessed to have each other! Mom is off living in WA now with her new husband and starting a new chapter in her life. I am so happy she found someone who loves her as much as Ray does! He is perfect for her!!

Oh, I caught the bouquet! - well, my mom threw it at me! :)

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Reed & Kelli said...

I am really happy for your mom. WOW- life sure takes us on an's nice to be in a happy, peaceful and blessed place and I can see that on your moms face. caught the bouquet! YEA!! Seriously...there are cute boys here in need to come to the South now and visit both the Trontel's and the Mena's. Sounds like a plan to me :)