Friday, August 10, 2012

My Newest Accessory...

I'm excited to say that after
I finally got myself a new pair of reading/computer glasses!
Of course you all know that I was unemployed for a couple years, and had a couple short term jobs here and there with little to no benefits...BUT now I'm gainfully employed with great benefits and vision insurance!  So I was super excited to get my eyes checked and get a new prescription!

So now that I have my cute new pair of glasses, that have leopard print on the sides, guess what??

Doesn't that just stink big time?!! 

I'm thinking that they gave me the wrong prescription!  I thought maybe after wearing them for awhile that it'd get better, but its been a few weeks and its no better.  So I may have to take them back.  We'll see what happens.  Anyway, just thought I'd share my news with ya'll on my new fun and cute accessory!

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The Real Smallville said...

Hey, hope you don't mind--saw this linked on LinkedIn.

The glasses look great! Sucks that they're the wrong prescription though...been there. So did you decide to take them back, or keep them? Inquiring readers want to know! lol

Anyway, nice blog. Hopefully you update more than you check your Facebook ;-) (or perhaps I'm slow at taking a hint and I'm on the verge of being fired?) haha