Friday, October 9, 2009

disneyland CLOSED???

So the girls and I were excited for a fun night at Disneyland. On our way out there, we hit lots of traffic! That was a bummer! But nothing compared to when we got there and found out that DISNEYLAND WAS CLOSED!!! So crazy! It was THAT crowded that they had to CLOSE DISNEYLAND! I guess its a good thing we didn't get in, cuz that really would've been a bummer having to deal with the major crowds in the park. So instead, we decided to hang out around Downtown Disney for the evening...and we had a GREAT time! :) We started off taking some pictures...trying to be scary....since its Halloween and all at Dland.Do I look scary?Then we went through the Disney store and had some fun taking more pics...Thiam - Holly - Ashley - MeWhere's Ashley???
[remind you of ET?]Oh my word...I just LOVED this beanie! It's a Christmas Tree!!! I wish I could have it, but it was $28 and I just thought that was an unreasonable price. But if anyone out there's an idea of what you can make me for Christmas! :)Thanks girlies for a very fun evening!

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