Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Full House....

The past two weeks have been so much fun!
I have had a FULL house with family visiting from out of state!!
My brother and his family
(Danny, Jessie, Townes, and Finch)
flew in from Iowa for a week-long visit.
My mom also flew in from Washington to visit at the same time!
We had a great time hanging out, visiting extended family, going to Disneyland, etc. Here's a recap of our time together...

[Random] Family Pics...

Visiting Gramma Vasquez

Vasquez Family dinner at Taste of Texas

Hyde Family Get-Together

Remembering Loved-OnesDanny sang the song he wrote while visiting Grandpa Vasquez's grave (it was played at his funeral), we spent some time there...and then visited our dad's grave too. Little Townes and Finch hung with Papa for a bit...

Dinner with Gramma Vasquez, Auntie Lin, Mom, and Uncle Allin (who is taking the picture) at Bob's Big Boy. It was super yummy!!! I LOVE their chili spaghetti!

DisneylandDanny and his family left the next day after Disneyland, but mom stayed for a couple more days. Here's some more of what we did while she was here...

Vasquez Ladies' Night
We started with dinner at Vince's Spaghetti...Mmmm, look at the yummy spaghetti!!!HEY, that's mine!!Then all the girls came back to my house for some shaved ice/snow cones and a long, but fun, game of UNO

Fun with Mom
Lunch with Judi Matlock and Mom at Johnny Carinos

Mommy-Jody Day
We spent the day thrift shopping, reminiscing around Biola, eating lunch at the Spaghetti Factory, doing more thrift shopping, and ending up at Huntington Beach to watch the sunset. We had a lot of fun that day!

Girlie Lunch
(Mom - Me - Connie - Judi - Kristy)

Night @ Straw Hat with Judi Matlock

Mom's last meal in CA...IN-N-OUT!!! :)It was great having my family here visiting...and it was cozy having them all staying at my house. I was sad to see them all go, but happy to get my bed back! haha :) Thanks for visiting guys!! Love ya!

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dannyandjessie said...

Thanks for having us! Sorry, we took your bed for so long. It was comfy!