Wednesday, May 7, 2008

12k - Bloomsday or Doomsday?! :)

So this weekend I flew up to Washington to visit with my family. I spent all day Friday thrift and antique shopping with mom in Ephrata and then that night mom, Ray and I drove out to Cheney to visit with Troy, Emily and Kae. Troy coaches little league and so we went to his game that night to cheer them on. Saturday we all hung out together...we drove into Spokane to pick up our race information (for Bloomsday) and then hit a few stores along the way. I found some cool stuff at Valley Village, their local thrift store! :) We had yummy burgers and dogs that Troy grilled up for us that night. Then came Sunday....race day! We headed out early morning to Spokane for the race (with 50,000 other people!). It was a little chilly before we started, but by the time the gunshot sounded, we had warmed up.
So everyone was throwing their sweatshirts up in the trees along the street - it looked cool...Then we headed out through the start line for our 12k race! Well, I wouldn't say I was racing, but it was definitely a long and tiring journey! :) I had a great time with my new step-sister Emily. Em and I stayed together and did the whole walk/run, while Ray-Ray and Troy-Boy ran the entire thing! Of course they finished WAY before us...I'm very proud of the boys! After doing the race myself, I know how difficult it is to even finish, let alone run it all! and DOOMSDAY hill was the worst! It was neverending...I can't believe they ran it! I had a hard enough time walking it! But I'm proud of all of us!Anyway, by mile 7 I was pretty much ready to be done!!! I had to take a picture with the sign though, cuz I was proud that I made it that far!! Actually we stopped and took a few pictures along the 7.5 miles we did! haha :) As we were nearing the finish line, what better way to complete the race than to run through with the song "Gonna Fly Now" from Rocky being me so pumped to finish! :) Made me feel like I had just run up all those stairs that he did in that movie while he was training! heehee :) Oh, and don't you love how it says "SMILE" at the finish line! Oh yes, I was happy it was over!! :) Anyway, we had a great time, but I was pooped afterwards! I slept for most of the day after that. Not sure if I would do it again next year...ask me in a few weeks...I may forget about the pain and exhaustion! :) Well, the weekend was great! It was so nice to spend time with everyone, especially my mom! I miss seeing her all the time! Their new house looks so nice with all their stuff moved in...looks like "home" :) I'm so happy for them, and am glad that they're enjoying being married! I look forward to my next trip up to WA, hopefully it won't be too far off! Well, that's the update for now...stay tuned for more to come! :)


Emily said...

Yay us!!!!

Having you here was so was a fun weekend, Doomsday and all! Hopefully we'll all be back together I hear Tahoe calling?!?

Reed & Kelli said...

Wow...this post was AWESOME! I have NEVER ran a marathon, but I totally respect the people that do it year after year.

The "new" family pictures were soo sweet! Your mom looks happy and that makes me happy :)

Get some rest.....lets talk soon!


Matriani said...

Wow that is so awesome! I'm proud of all of you too!! You guys are nuts!! :) haha You go girl! :P