Monday, May 19, 2008

Oh, the '909'...

So I was pretty miserable this weekend (weather wise)! We had very HOT weather out here in the '909' and it wasn't so enjoyable. I didn't mind the heat so much while living at the beach because I had the nice ocean breeze coming through my apartment...but out here in the Inland Empire, its blazing hot! My house has no breeze, no central AC, no pool, no sad!!! I have a little wall unit that was on all weekend, but you'd never know it. It didn't cool the place down at all. It had to be at least 90 degrees in my house and in the 100's outside :( I miss the beach!!!

Besides the weather, I had a good weekend. I spent some time with friends, did a little painting at mom's house, unpacked some more at my house, and had some alone time watching movies and eating goodies :)


Reed & Kelli said...

goodness! yes, my dad said it was super hot over the weekend....yuk!
we'll get the heat plus humidity here very enjoying the nice springy weather we have had recently.

any summer trips planned? i got your message about Europe- that will be fun! right now i am praying about a trip to africa in september. thats been on my heart for a while now and i think it would be such a neat experience before we start a family. other than that- we are meeting family in chicago at the end of July- that will be fun!

love you girl! call me anytime :)

selle said...

hi! ok...fill me in...y did u move back to the 909?