Friday, September 26, 2008

LA County Fair

Last night I had fun with Kristy at the LA County Fair. Our priority for the night was to eat all the yummy fair food! - the greasy, bad for you kind! :) I started off the evening with a hot dog on a stick, while Kristy was on the hunt for her favorite, an eggrole on a stick. Sad to say, after asking at the information booth, we found out her little Chinese food stand wasn't there this year...and neither was the Orange Julius (what I had my hopes set on). What a disappointment for us both! But Kristy was able to find another place that was serving an eggrole so she had that, but it wasn't as good. While she was eating her Chinese food, I got myself a funnel cake! Mmmmmm, tasty! After that we walked around, went through a couple buildings, bought some chammies that are supposed to be amazing (what a salesman that guy was!), and then we were on the hunt for more food. Well, we settled with some lemonade at the hot dog on a stick stand and decided we were done eating for the night. We didn't get all the food we were hoping for, but we got a few good things. We continued to look around, take some pictures, etc....and then I found a booth that was selling license plate frames. Since my step-brother, Troy, played a prank on me and put my mom's license plate frame on my car a few months back that said "My grandkids are cuter than yours", I decided it was time to replace it. Now I have one that says "......" well, you'll just have to pull up next to me to find out! :) Anyway, we had a fun night hanging out, eating, shopping, people watching...good times! It was also nice that not a lot of people were there. I don't know was only $5 after 5pm to get in! Anyway, it was much better without all the crowds!

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selle said...

so were you there thursday night or friday night? i was there thursday night!