Monday, September 1, 2008

LA with Beth and Joy

After my 5k on Saturday, and then cleaning my house and doing laundry, I headed out to LA to spend the evening with my girlfriends Beth and Joy. We met up at a Japanese restaurant called Geisha House. As most of you know, I hate fish! So I had some super yummy fillet mignon skewers with asparagus and brown rice, while Beth and Joy enjoyed their sushi. My food was seriously so good!!! :) The restaurant was cool and they had some Geisha girls walking around available for are our pics from the restaurant:Beth - Jody - Joywith the Geishas

After dinner the girls wanted to try out this club they heard about called Les Deux. We got there a little after they opened (10pm) and started to wait to be let in. Our feet were hurting, we were tired, and after an hour of waiting we were thinking of leaving. Well after an hour of waiting, and starting to feel bad about ourselves as everyone else was being let in but us, these two nice guys got us in with them. The place was cool, they had an outdoor patio area where the DJ was and they had fire dancers too. We hung out for awhile, maybe an hour or two, and then headed home to Beth's house. My feet were KILLING ME! I had the wrong shoes on for standing all night! Oh well, I had fun with my girlies.
Sunday morning, after the girlie sleepover at Beth's, we met up with Joy's brother Alex at Millies for breakfast. I had some interesting biscuits and gravy (not the traditional was weird). After breakfast we all headed out to Rodeo Drive and walked around there for a bit...Joy wanted to do some of the "LA" type stuff as she's from up North. After Rodeo, we shopped along Melrose for a couple hours. Melrose is more our level of shopping. We hit a couple fashion stores and a couple vintage stores. We had fun doing a little people watching at Starbucks too. at breakfaston Rodeo Dr.

After our day in LA, the girls went back to Beth's and relaxed, chatted, ate some more food, and Beth and I wrapped up our travel plans for our trip this week. Then I headed home.

I had a great time with my girls this weekend. I went to college with these girls, and I am so glad that we're still such good friends after all these years! I love them so much!!! :)