Sunday, January 18, 2009

catching up...

Sorry for those of you who have enjoyed reading my blog and have been left with no stories for the past has been a rollercoaster lately (I don't like rollercoasters very much). Anyway, I thought that I would update you on the holidays and catch you up a bit on my "life".

Well as I blogged about a month ago, I got laid off from my job. The following day, I applied for unemployment benefits and ever since have had the toughest time getting things squared away. Not only have I not received a check yet, but they had sent all my paperwork to my house addressed to someone else. Yep, that's right, all of my information (social security, address, employment history) with another woman's name...I'm assuming its an 'illegal'. Its so frustrating because you can't get ahold of anyone on the phone and they don't respond to email either. I've been trying all month to get this fixed, and have had no luck. PLUS, all the paperwork came in Spanish and of course I don't understand it. So, that's a huge frustration these days. I'm just hoping that this person hasn't been receiving my benefits at all. And I checked with social security and they told me that they don't see that my identity has been stolen with them. So that's good. But still, what a hassle this is!

Then my computer crashed. I got the blue screen of death saying that my memory was being deleted. Good thing I had everything backed up on my external hard drive though! So being computerless isn't so good when you're trying to find a job! But, my super fabulous cousin Cathy has lent me her old laptop to use for awhile...what a lifesaver! So now I can start blogging again too! :) I know you're all so excited! hahaha :)

The Holidays...
This was my first year celebrating Christmas without my immediate family. What a strange thing that was! But my mom and Ray-Ray bought all us kids webcams so that we could still all be together on rad is that! But alas, my computer was dead, so it didn't work for me. But at least now I can start using it since I'm borrowing a computer. I just need to get it set up. Anyway, I spent Christmas here in California with my kiddos...(poor Annie...I made her do a photoshoot, heehee)
A few days later I got to go visit my mom up in Washington. Unfortunately for me I got sick a couple days before I flew out with a sore throat that turned into a nasty cold. I was sick for the whole first week of my trip! Sad for Jody! But we had fun anyways. Even though it was freezing there, it was fun to be in the snow, or be in the house all bundled up watching the snow through the window! :)

View from the airplane on the way to Washington...Mom and Ray-Ray's new houseIts Snowing!!! Me and Mom...My Snow AngelBy the Gorge taking photos... New Years was lots of fun. My step brother Troy and his wife Emily came over and we watched some movies, played games, and made our crafty little New Years Eve hats...aren't we so talented? heehee :)At midnight we toasted the New Year with our yummy sparkling cider and then we participated in the Audet family tradition of running through the snow barefoot! Yep, barefoot! Not the smartest thing in the world, but it was an experience! I thought I had frost bite after that! Geez, it was cold!Later that night we celebrated "Christmas Eve" together, because we were going to celebrate Christmas day together on New Years Day...I got some real cute/fun stuff! (sorry, I look terrible!)The whole trip was fun. Mom took me around town and we went to all the fun thrift stores...its so cute that everywhere she took me they knew her by name. Small towns are nice like that! Being able to spend lots of time with mom and Ray-Ray was great and I already miss them!
We got to eat good food @ the Taco Truckyummy shakes with mom at EZ'sPizza at the movie theater in our cool booth while watching "Marley and Me" (a total tear jerker by the way!)I got to sweep some snow...And the last night we also got to celebrate my step-sister's and Ray-Ray's birthdays...

Check out
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  • for some of my scenic photos of beautiful Washington!

    Back to 'Life'...
    Recently I had started dating someone pretty seriously. He was so sweet...he used to leave me notes all over like this one:Every day there was a new note somewhere when he'd leave. They were really special, and the highlight of my day. Well LONG story short, turned out that while I was gone for two weeks visiting mom, a lot happened with him and things ended. I can't get into the details. Anyway, I'm so very sad! Geez, I just feel like I can't get a break these days! I'm pretty depressed about losing him, but do wish him the best! Oh, I almost forgot to share with you what he made me for Christmas...he made me a super cool fireplace/mantle that I will be painting soon and putting candles's the pre-paint product...So I realize that some of my blog is negative frustrations that I'm having (besides my trip to WA). I've been pretty depressed the last few days since the breakup, lots of crying. They always say "what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger"...well, I'm not feeling stronger yet. I'm ready for some good things to come my way...where are they? Anyway, I really am trying to be optimistic, even through the sadness, and I'm seeking God through the hard times. I know He has a plan greater than I, so I'm trying to be patient. Please pray for me if you will.
    (I haven't been able to eat or sleep much either)

    I am looking forward to will be interesting to see where God leads and how he heals and uses me in the coming year. I know there are good things ahead, and I am eager to get back to a happy place.

    I hope everyone had safe and happy holidays and that this New Year is treating you kindly so far! :)

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    katie said...

    hey jody- it's katie (roselles sis) i absolutely love reading your blogs and seeing how youre doing and where life takes you... such a journey, ya? anyhow i have kept you in prayer regarding your job and all that is happening! be strong =)