Sunday, January 25, 2009

girl's fun night

Ladie's night out was fun tonight. The four of us got together and had a very nice dinner at a Thai restaurant in the Claremont Village. Surprisingly, I really liked my food! Sweet Kristy bought my dinner for me...thank you girly! We enjoyed great food and great conversation.

Me & Carissa
Holly & Kristy
After dinner, we went back to Holly's house and played some crazy TABBOO! Fun times for sure! Its pretty crazy how stressed you get playing a game...its hard coming up with other words to describe the one your partner needs to guess, without saying those listed on the card. Once you see the words, its like you can't think of anything else! Anyway, it was lots of fun! We stayed up past midnight having some good old fashion fun!

Thanks for a fun night chicas!
It was very nice having a night away from all the stress in my life!
You girls rock!

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Growler said...

hey girl! i had so much fun on saturday!! it was nice to get together and just unwind a little bit.

i'm keeping you in my prayers jody. i love you so much. you've gotten dealt a lot of rotten deals lately and you are handling them so much better than myself or most i know would. if anyone deserves happiness, its you. you are such a sweet, genuine person and i hate that you have to go through all this. i am so blessed to have you in my life and i know that great things are bound to happen for you. if you need anything, seriously call me day or night. love ya hon.