Saturday, March 28, 2009

camping in san clemente

I love camping! My cousins Cathy & Don invited me to go camping with them and their family down in San Clemente Beach. They are so sweet for inviting me, it really was a lot of fun!I drove out there and met them down on the beach.
Paige and I collected some cool rocks along the shorelineCathy and I laid out to get some sun...but we don't need to show no stinking bathing suit shot! haha :)
The boys chilled out enjoying the waves crashingPaige burried Corey in the sand, looks fun!...Don and Shane did a little surfing, check out the hotties! :) The kiddos had fun in the oceanThe hikes were funCathy and I got some yummy fruity drinks to cool off after a hot day at the beach...I loved the campfires!The sunsets were awesome

I had a great time! Thanks Cathy & Don for being such great cousins and friends! I love you guys!!!

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