Monday, March 9, 2009

lots of family time...

This last week was a full one. Since the day my grandpa died, more and more family members showed up. My mom and my sister with her little girl Hailey-Jo all flew in. My poor brother wanted to be here so bad for the funeral but since his wife is due any day with their new little girl, he couldn't risk missing it by flying out here. But he wrote a beautiful, touching song and it was played at the memorial was perfect! So the week was full of lots of family time. Everyone gathered at my grandma's house all week. We would sit and visit, eat lots of food, get things ready for the funeral, help her around the house, etc. The time together was very nice, even though the circumstances for us all to get together was so sad. After these last days being together, I have a new appreciation for my family. They are all so awesome! It was great seeing everyone pull together during this time and see our relationships blossom into something more...true friendships. Special times in deed.

Mom and Sister arrive with little Hailey-JoMeeting my new little niece Hailey-Jo for the first timethe family all gathered together to reminisce and share stories about grandpaUncle Dave and Grandma indulging...
but seriously, pepsi in a coke glass?? hahaha :)Vince's is a Vasquez tradition...I learned a lot about my family history this last my Great Great Grandfather was an artist and started the Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach, Frazee Paints was started by one of our family members, my Great Grandma Helen Frazee-Bower is an author/poet and has a few books like this one:
The funeral was very special. Saturday morning there was a graveside service at Forest Lawn for family. It was such a wonderful service honoring Grandpa. Later that afternoon there was a memorial service that was open to everyone. This day was very memorable and very special. I was honored to take photos for Grandma that day and have posted some of them on my photoblog:
  • Jody Vasquez Photography
  • (Some people who read this blog might think that taking pictures at a funeral is weird...but if you knew my family, you'd know that its not weird at all. There is always a camera going off when any of us get together, for any event or occassion!)
    Anyway, the day was full of tears and joy...we are sad for us that we don't have Grandpa with us anymore, but joyful that he is healed and in Heaven with Jesus, his sons, his parents...and all his family.

    The next night, on Sunday, the girls got together and we had a girly night at my cousin's house. We watched Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, ate goodies, chatted, took some fun pictures, and just enjoyed each others company. It was a great way to end the week, and we were all so glad that Grandma fell asleep through the movie and had some time to finally get some rest. She hadn't been able to sleep all week. Oh, and my sister fell asleep too...they were two peas in a pod...the party animals! :) hahaha!


    judi said...

    Jody you are so blessed with such a wonderful family...I am glad that your relationships deepened during this time of loss. Your Grandpa was truely a great man. What a wonderful inheritance you have.

    dannyandjessie said...

    Jody, thanks for the blog. We really wanted to be there. I'm glad that you all like to take lots of photos, it makes us feel like we were there. I'm sure you had a wonderful time with Jenny, Hailey and mom. Can't wait to see you. Hopefully it will be sooner than later. You can always come to Iowa if a job doesn't come soon!