Tuesday, March 17, 2009

st. patrick's day

Annie and I started the day off with a drive to the beach. We made our way to Huntington Beach, picked up some lunch (for me) and headed over to the dog beach. Annie was a little afraid of the noisy waves crashing and seemed to be stressed out. She also could've gotten herself killed cuz she started chasing some dogs that were 10 times her size (she's crazy!). But we had fun.Bad dog! hahaha :)
Later that day, we headed over to Grandma Vasquez's house for some traditional Irish food...we had some corned beef and cabbage - my first time eating this meal! I actually really liked it. We all hung out eating, chatting, and playing games. Good times.Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!
I hope ya'll wore green so you didn't get pinched!!!

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