Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Bash

Well today was a good day! It started off a little stressful, waking up late and then having to do a ton of baking before the big party. I quickly got ready and headed out to the grocery store to pick up a few needed items. I then came home and got to work. The kitchen was HOT! The wall unit [a/c] was on but it didn't help me...I was sweating! The heat from the oven was almost unbearable! But I got all my sugar cookies made, the deviled eggs made,and the yummy brownies baked. After about 4 hours in the kitchen, it was time to head over to the party!!

My cousins have a party for all their friends, family, and neighbors every year for the 4th of July. They live near the Upland High School where there is a fireworks around 9pm we all laid on the blankets out on the grass and we watched the beautiful and colorful show, while Don had very appropriate patriotic music playing in the background. It was awesome! The whole night was fun...We had a good time just hanging out and chatting! My friend Carissa came with me, I was very glad she was able to make it as I love to hang with her :)Me and with my sweet cousin CathyDon...Me...Kylie
Uncle Bill grillin his famous squabI ATE SQUAB!!!
It wasn't so bad, it actually tasted pretty good! I was very proud of myself for trying this, I think I deserve a HUGE pat on the back for this one! :)My sweet patriotic lil girl, Anniehanging with ShaneySwim'n Fools :)
Firework Fun!Me with my firecracker!

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The Audet Gazette said...

Awsome fireworks pictures! You'll be chosen again this year...for sure!!!