Sunday, July 12, 2009

mom's 58th birthday

Today is my mom's 58th birthday!

The day started off waking up a bit early, getting ready for church, mom opening her birhtday present from me...and then off to get a yummy Starbucks!
Mom loves her carmel frappuccinos, so I had to make sure she got one today! :) Then off to church we went. It was a great service, with life applications that were exactly what we needed. When church was over we hung out for a bit chatting with people, and then Jeremy and Krista sang Happy Birthday to mom in Russian! It was so cute! Here's a video (a I didn't push record the first time, oops!)

After church I had a young adults luncheon to go to, so my mom went off to have lunch with Judi. Little did she know that Judi had a surprise gathering for her lunch! A few of her close friends surprised my mom at Vince's for a fun birthday lunch. She had a great time! After lunch, they headed back to Judi's house where the Matlock clan and I were waiting to celebrate mom's birthday again with a yummy strawberry ice cream cake. She was surprised again! What a fun day! :) Mom blowing out her birthday candles...
Mom, did you make a wish? :)Check out the ice cream cake after we let it sit out for awhile...oops! :) Later that evening we ran a few errands to get ready for our road trip (oil change, checking the tires, etc.) and then headed out to visit my Gramma Vasquez. Gramma and I took mom to Taste of Texas (super yummy tex-mex food) for some fajita tacos! MMMMM :) We also strolled through Target spending time with Gramma doing her favorite! :) It was a great night!I'm so glad that I was able to spend this day with my mom. I miss having her living in California, so it was nice that things worked out that we could be together on her birthday. I LOVE YOU MOM and am so excited to spend the next month doing fun things together! Happy Birthday!!!

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