Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Big Yard Sale

This last week I CLEANED HOUSE....
The kind of cleaning house where you get rid of stuff, not necessarily clean the dust and dirt. It was time to simplify!

I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed in my house with all the stuff I have. So I decided to sort through things, purge, and get ready for a yard sale. Oh the decisions!!! Its hard getting rid of things because I still like them and would like to keep them...but I decided my sanity is worth more than the things of this world! So I just had to let go! With the help of my sweet friend, Thiam, I got rid of WAY more clothes and shoes than I planned...but I'm so glad I did! She was awesome to push me, and help me make some decisions, and I'm so very thankful! What a great friend!!

Yesterday and today I had a yard sale. It was a great success compared to the last one I had. Particularly because I had some very wonderful helpers this time! A few months ago I had a yard sale, but did it all by myself. Oh dear, is it way too much work for one person! This time I had my friends Charley and Thiam who offered to help me out. They were so great!! Because of their help, it was organized, advertised, and profitable!

I made a total of $543.42
(random amount in change...weird)

The two days were a complete success!!
I'm so happy that I had the sale,
but even happier that its all over!
I'm exhausted!!

Here are a few pics from our two days...

The BIG SaleCharley, passing the time enjoying his bookCharley & Thiam's kids getting so much joy out of the big boxAnnie got lots of attention!

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Jenny Mena said...

Wow Jody! I'm so proud of you!! That must have been hard, but I'm sure it feels good. It's funny how we hold onto things and then when they're gone we forget about them. I'm ready to have mine now. I've been collecting...and hopefully we can make some money!