Monday, April 5, 2010

Vasquez Egg Hunt

What a nice day I had today!
My morning started off at church, with a great time of worship and Bible teaching. As today is Easter Sunday, we celebrated and rejoiced the resurrection of Jesus Christ!!!

After church I headed over to my Gramma's house where we enjoyed some yummy food from Vince's Spaghetti, the shockwaves from the Mexico earthquake, and an Easter egg hunt. Oh boy...I hadn't done a hunt in sooooo long! It was a TON of fun!

The 7.2 earthquake hit right after we finished up our late lunch. We were all sitting around talking when I felt like I was swaying...almost dizzy feeling. I asked my cousins, "are we having an earthquake?" which they replied, "I don't think so"...and I said "yes we are, look the bunny's ears are bouncing!". So we all ran outside and waited it out. After which I felt a little motion sick!

After the earthquake excitement, my Aunt and Uncle went outside to hide all the Easter eggs. We were all getting excited for the hunt...everyone wanted to find the golden egg!

Duana and I waiting to go on the egg huntAfter all the eggs were hidden, it was time! I loved finding all the eggs!
And I found the golden egg!
Well, not really...its just a yellow egg. But it did have money in it ($1)! I'm gonna get me a Taco Bell burrito with it this week! :)Gramma and I had so much fun!After the wasn't just the eggs that were dyed, so were my hands! lolIt was a great day! We got Gramma's house back to normal, tables and chairs put away, food mess cleaned up, and family cleared out. When everyone left, Gramma and I sat around for a few more hours talking and enjoying each other's company. Then I was getting really sleepy and decided to head home. I'm finishing this blog and hit'n the hay! I'm exhausted! But I'm going to bed filled with joy from this special day with family, and knowing my Savior lives!!

Happy Easter!

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