Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Recycle = $$

Recycling is something I learned to do as a kid. My parents taught us well the value of saving cans and bottles to not only help the earth, but bring in a few extra bucks as well!

I've been saving old water bottles, plastic milk jugs, glass bottles, and soda cans for awhile now...and today I cashed in! I felt like all the recycled goods were taking up so much space in my garage that I was done saving them and wanted to take them in and get some buko bucks for them! So I hauled them to the recycling center and started unloading. I filled 3 containers, and part of a 4th. I couldn't believe how many water bottles I had and how little soda cans...I was proud! Means I'm doing better about not drinking so much soda! YAY ME!! :) So after I filled the containers, the very nice man weighed them and gave me my ticket to cash in.
I made $23.45!!
Now that's what I call EASY MONEY!!!
For those of you who don't recycle because you think its too much of a hassle...I'll gladly take your old bottles and cans! I don't mind having a few extra bucks come my way so easily!! :) Shoot, every little bit helps when you're one of the unemployed folk struggling to make it every month! Granted, I felt like I should've made more than that seeing as I'm sure they took more out in the deposits when I bought those drinks...but I'm not complaining! That is $23.45 more than I had when I woke up this morning! So I'm a happy camper! Or should I say,
I'm a happy recycler! :)

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Brandi said...

We recycle at school and I'm always surprised at how much we make. I mean, it's never a lot, but it's enough to continue the program! Thumbs up to you!