Wednesday, December 10, 2008

christmas with the girlies

so much fun...

Tonight was girl's night with my co-workers.
We all got together at Connie's house and had a very nice home-cooked dinner (pasta) that she and her husband made for us. It was so tasty! Thanks Connie, for serving mine without the shrimp! :) I love you for that! After dinner, we got out all the craft stuff and we each made our own snowflake Christmas ornament. It was lots of fun, but messy with beads flying everywhere! (there were a few spills, hahaha!) After our crafts were mostly done, we took a break and did our gift exchange. I got some super cute bracelets!Then we had some SUPER YUMMY fondue!

It was a very fun night with the girls, I hope we get together like this more often! I love girl time!!

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dannyandjessie said...

Oh fun! i loved our girly Christmas when I was there! Tell the ladies I love them all!