Tuesday, December 2, 2008

office christmas cheer

So I decided to decorate my cubicle at work today...its not much, but it hits the spot! :) I just love Christmas time, all the pretty lights and decorations, the smells of evergreen and peppermint, the hot chocolate and cookies, smiles and laughs, and the spirit of giving....its a great time! I was hoping to bring some Christmas cheer to my office this month, so I put up some lights, a mini Christmas tree and my stocking (that my Grandma made when I was little). Already I'm more cheerful! I hope you have some fun decorating this time of year as much as I have...live a little, take some of that fun to the office too!
I hope you all have a great month celebrating and giving thanks to God for sending his precious Son to save us!
Love to you all!

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  • The Birth Of Jesus
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    The Audet Gazette said...

    Shutterbug, the office cheer looks really good. Every year we decorate our office but here we are in the first week of December and we haven't done it yet so you've inspired me to get busy. We really need to get things up here at home too, we'll do that this weekend I think. Thanks for giving all of us who follow your blog something to look forward to on a regular basis. Ray Ray

    dannyandjessie said...

    Jo-Jo (as Townes says) your office looks great! We sure are missing you this holiday season! We love you.