Tuesday, December 9, 2008

hanging the bulbs

Oh, I just love Christmas lights on all the houses! Its so fun to drive up and down the streets and see how everyone decorated! Lights are one of my favorite things...especially fireworks and city lights! Anyway, this weekend I decided to get some lights put up on my house since this is the first year I'm in a house instead of an apartment. I didn't put up that many, but at least its something! :) Oh, and its not as easy as it looks. I guess it would help if I had a ladder that was taller, but still...this is a man's work!! haha :) I also put up my faux Christmas tree...yes that's right, no real Christmas tree this year. I just couldn't justify spending the money on a tree that will die in a couple weeks, when I could save the money and put it towards a flight to see my family! (love you guys!) So here's my faux tree all decorated traditional style with all my sentimental ornaments from childhood.Then last night, my cousin Cathy invited me over for an amazing turkey dinner she made. After we scarfed all our food, we went (my cousin Cathy and her three kids) to drive through the neighborhoods in Rancho to see all the Christmas lights that everyone decorated their houses with. I'm glad we went early in the month, before all the crowds. We were also able to drive through, so that was nice. Oh, and Annie had fun on her first Christmas lights outing :) She nearly jumped out of the window at least 10 times she was so excited! (her shirt says "Santa's Little Helper", she's so cute!)After the lights, we went back to Cathy's house and Paige was having fun making Annie a princess...She didn't enjoy it so much, hahaha! :)Well, that's it for now...I hope you're having fun doing all the holiday decorating and enjoying all the Christmas festivities too! Tis the season to be jolly!! :)


Michelle said...

I sure miss the lights of Southern CA at Christmas time!! Are you coming to Washington for Christmas?

dannyandjessie said...

Your decorations look so great!! I love it! The lights in CA are so crazy! I loved seeing all them.