Friday, December 5, 2008

Matlock Christmas Party

Tonight was our office Christmas party. We had a good time. We all congregated at Liz's house and it actually made for a super fun night. Our dinner was catered and we sat around big tables that were in the living room (the furniture was all cleared out). It was nice chatting with everyone over dinner, and then came time for the $5 gift exchange where I ended up with a cinnamon smelly candle...mmmmmmmmmthe gift exchange was fun because we played the game where you can steal from each other. There were some interesting gifts for sure! (We also received company shirts from Tom, and the girl's sweaters are very soft and comfy!)

I just love when everyone gets together. We don't have to do anything spectacular, just being together is nice.

Me and LizMe and DeannaMe and OlyaMe and ConnieThanks, Tom and Judi, for a fun night celebrating Christmas together! I love working for Matlock Associates and hope to continue more in the future.PS...Here's a picture of Deanna's hairless cat - pretty scary if you ask me!


Kelley said...

I'm going to have nightmares of that freaky cat. Eeek!

Reed and Kelli said...

...that gross!!!!!!!!!!!! Yuk! How sad.

YOU look fabulous in al these photos though!