Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend @ Lake Skinner

What a weekend!

* a nice relaxing weekend with family at the lake *
This is what Jody looks like camping...only [hopefully] a little happier! haha :)

Don and Cathy invited me to join their family for the weekend camping. We left on Friday afternoon (with about a million other people...and lots of traffic) and we headed out towards Temecula to enjoy a nice weekend camping at Lake Skinner. We had amazing weather all weekend! The sun was shining, there was a cool breeze...it was perfect! Here's a view of the lake from our campsiteWe all stayed in the Don and Cathy's trailer, while the young boys stayed in a tent. Here's Shane chill'n in his tent...camping is great! This was also Annie's first time camping and she did great! She was loved on by everyone, had lots of time laying in the sun, took lots of walks around camp...she had a great time!Me and Annie chill'n in the campsiteThe kids kept busy either riding their bikes, playing with water balloons, fishing, and playing games in the campsiteEven the adults got in on the fun! Don and I played a little smashballnot sure what I'm doing here...I think I missed the ball! haha :)The boys found a horny toad down by the lakehere are the girls with the horny toadAwe, Sweet Shaney!
Since this is a fishing lake, Shane got his 'Sweet 16' birthday present early...a new fishing pole!There were lots of bike rides...even Annie got to go on a few! Cathy took Annie on a bike ride around the lakePaige and her friend...aren't they so cute?!They were treated to a little pampering one afternoon getting a pedicure and ice cream. Isn't girl time just the best?! :)Cathy and I taught Paige and her friend one of our favorite childhood pastimes...the girls loved it!Don, Cathy, and I took a bike ride around camp and the lake one afternoon...it was so beautiful out there. Here are some pics of usDon down by the lake
Annie and I at SunsetWe spent every evening around the campfire...my favorite part of camping!
We made yummy smores...The last night was packed full of fun as Cathy's friend Tanya and a couple others joined us to camp we sang campfire songs, played telephone...and played the clapping game around the circle
"down by the banks of the hanky-panky
where the bullfrogs jump from bank to bank...."

(remember that one?)
the last night we also celebrated Shane's 'sweet 16th birthday' around the campfire, singing to him and eating some yummy cakeDon't you just think that campfires are amazing? I could just sit and watch the fire all night, in fact I did stay up quite late a few nights enjoying the campfire!

Anyway, we had a great weekend! Camping is always fun, and it was especially great spending all that time with my cousins, their kids, and all their friends. Thanks Slaghts, for inviting me to join you this weekend! Love you!

A few shots around Lake Skinner...

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