Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sweet 16

My cousin Shane turned 'Sweet 16' yesterday!
He's just the sweetest boy ever, I love him to death!
Congrats Shane! I hope you have a great time being 16...
hopefully you will get your license this year!
Won't that be fun! :)
On the day of his birthday, we BBQ'd, had some birthday cake, and watched a movie... "Benjamin Button".The boys wanted to go to the theater to see the new movie "UP" in 3D on his birthday, but it got too late so I told them I'd take them the next day. So today I took all the kids to see the movie. It was actually a good one! Very cute! And super cool seeing it in 3D! Check out their cool 3D glasses! :) Well Sweet Shane...
I hope 16 is a great year for you!
You are very special and I love you so much!!!!

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