Monday, May 4, 2009

poor kitty

So I came home late morning last Sunday...I had stayed the night at my friend's house. When I got home, I opened up the backdoor (with the screen door closed) and layed on the couch and turned on the tv. I was relaxing! :) I heard my kitty come in the house, as she likes to jump through the screen door in the back of the house. I didn't think anything of it, as that is usual for her...until I realized that the bedroom doors were open. Since I don't like her in my bedroom, I got up to go see if she was in there. Sure enough, she was! So I picked her up and brought her out to the couch. After awhile, I noticed that she was still sitting in the same spot I put her down at. I thought that was strange, because she usually climbs up to the top of the couch and lays down. So I got closer and saw that her leg looked funny. When I tried to feel it to see if something was wrong with it, she started hissing and biting me. I kinda freaked out! Since I have been having more possum scares lately I thought maybe she got bit and had rabies! So I put on a sweatshirt and oven mits (so I would be protected from her) and picked her up and put her in her carrier. Across the street from my house is an emergency animal hospital so I drove her over there. The doctor checked her out and thought she had a fractured humorus, thought maybe she had been hit by a car and wanted to do xrays. Once the xrays were done, we saw that she had been SHOT by a bb gun and her leg was broken!
They felt very strongly that Cali needed surgery to fix her leg, but I just can't afford it. It was going to be over $1000! So for now, we're just waiting things out to see how it will heal on its own. So far so good. She was on pain meds for 5 days and is now just managing on her own. She is in good spirits, same sweet personality, still scratcing up my furniture as always!...and seems to be doing fine. The broken leg doesn't even stop her from jumping around on all the furniture. So I think things will turn out ok for her...time will heal her leg! But poor thing got shot! I can't believe the creep out there who would do something so aweful! I hope he gets shot in the leg too!!

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