Sunday, August 16, 2009

31st birthday

It was a very nice day spent with family. Actually we started celebrating yesterday...
We woke up yesterday and started the morning with a bit of garage saling (one of my favorite things!), just me and mom. i found a few items for purchase and we continued on. Around noon, my step-sister Kae came over and brought me some beautiful daisies
and then we all went to lunch at DK's...where I enjoyed some yummy chicken strips and french fries! mmm mmm good! After lunch we went over to the Grant County Museum located in their town of Ephrata. That tour took a couple hours and we learned a lot about the history of the county. It was pretty cool actually. After the museum we went and got some tasty snow cones...I had strawberry! :) Later that evening we headed out towards the Grand Coulee Dam, grabbed some dinner at the Country Grill, took it over to the dam and watched the laser light show that was out on the water/dam. It was pretty cool. Then we headed home and hit the hay.
Today, my BIRTHDAY!, I slept in till around 10 am and then woke up to a homemade breakfast by Ray-Ray. We had eggs, hashbrowns, sausage, and toast. A great way to start the day! Then I took some time getting ready for the day (you know, showering and stuff) and then they surprised me with some cards that had money and a starbucks gift card in it! Love that! And they also had a maple donut birthday cake! I blew out all the candles with one breath and then we devoured the donuts!

Then we headed out to Moses Lake where we spent a few hours bowling...and I won 2 games out of 3! Go "Bday Babe" that was my bowling name :)
Mom = Sexy Striker, Kae = Gutter Girl, Ray= Pin Pop, and
Me= Bday Babe

After our games, we went across the street to the Golden Corral Buffet where I had a great meal! I ate an awesome steak, mashed potatoes, a slice of pizza, some fruit, and a cupcake for dessert! I was stuffed! Oh and the waitresses sang "happy birthday" to me too...that was fun! :)
I spent some time on the phone with my sister and her 4 little boys, my brother, his wife and son...and then we headed back home where we watched a couple movies.
A great birthday once again! :)
Thanks everyone for your birhtday wishes, they made me happy!
Love you all!!!

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