Saturday, August 29, 2009

beach outting with the girls

Today the girls from my Young Adults group at church got together and spent the day at Huntington Beach. Not sure why none of the guys showed up, but we have fun without them anyway! It was a beautiful day outside with our feet in the sand and the wind in our hair! There were tons of people out today...with the HOT weather lately, I'm sure we all need a day at the beach! And today, we were ALL there!!But despite the crowds, we were able to enjoy our time together on the beach, hanging out, reading magazines, chatting with each other, putting our feet in the water, snacking on stale cheetos (Ashley!) was great!!Thiam - Holly - Ashley - Jody Ashley was too cute...she was wrapped in the towel and squatted...she looked like a little person! I had to take a pic! Here's lil AshHere' Skater AshWell, next time we have a Young Adult event and you're between the ages of 23-35, you should join us! If you're interested in attending fun outtings, let me know! We have a few more coming up still this month!

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