Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Wow, so I had a major craving last night for a
It was all I could do to not go to the kitchen and bust out all the baking supplies and make a whole batch to devour all by myself! But I refrained, thank goodness! That would not have been good for my waistline! :) I still had the craving and so I went to this bakery in Chino Hills that my friend Kerry had recommended called Dolcissimo. They had a variety of decadent choices to choose from, however I was able to make a swift decision with the chocolate chocolate chocolate CHOCOLATE cupcake! Chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, chocolate sprinkles...Yes, it was very chocolatie!!! I purchased this piece of heaven and walked next door to Peet's Coffee and ordered a Mocha Fraddo to enjoy with my lil cupcake. I was so pleased to have filled my craving, but wasn't so impressed with the gourmet style cupcake. Not sure exactly why, maybe it was too rich or too chocolatie, but I much prefer the store bought cake mix box at the grocery you get more for your money! The cupcake at Dolcissimo cost $3.25! You can make so many more yourself for that price! Next time, I will! Anyway, I'm so glad that I finally ate a was super good, even though it wasn't my favorite.

On a side note...
I have been blessed today. Some very sweet friends, the Myers, were so generous and donated their old digital camera to me today. The one I carry with me at all times in my purse (for life documentation on a daily basis) broke while I was out of town visiting my mom up north. I had posted on my facebook page that I was in need of one, but couldn't afford to purchase a new one right now (being unemployed and all)...and they offered theirs to me. How awesome is that!!! So today I went and picked it up, chatted with them for a bit, and actually used it today for this blog...I took my cupcake pic with it. So thanks again Myers for being so giving! I greatly appreciate your generosity! :)

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selle said...

you were in my hood!!!! we could've hung out...but we are sick so next time! ya, NOT a fan of dolcissimo. their cupcakes are yuck! nothing's better than sprinkles or dots cupcakes. you must venture out and have one of those cupcakes!!! =)