Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lefse & Leavenworth

Today was an eventful day. The plan was to head over to Dawn's house around 10am for a day of making Lefse (a Norwegian flatbread), but plans changed and we didn't get there till later in the day. In the morning, I ended up crocheting most of a cowl scarf. Then mom and I headed out over to where Ray works and took some decorations to bring some Christmas joy to his office. After we put up the tree and some lights, the three of us left and went to lunch at the local gas station. Yep, that's right...the gas station LOL. I guess they have a baked potato bar there that is pretty good. Well turned out that they don't serve that there anymore, so we got a couple corn dogs, and mini fried burritos. Nothing too great, but it filled our bellies. We dropped Ray back off at the office after lunch and then mom and I headed over to Dawn's to see how their day of Lefse baking was going. Dawn and Debbie had been hard at work all day! They started at 10am and didn't finish till nearly 4pm! I guess its a yearly tradition for Dawn to make Lefse at Christmas. Her family has been making them for generations...she even uses the rolling pin that her Grandfather had made especially for making the flatbread. It was fun watching the ladies and chatting with them while they worked. They worked, we ate! LOL Lefse is super yummy!After we left the hard working ladies, we met up with Ray back at the house. We bundled up and headed out to go to Leavenworth, a Bavarian village in the Cascade mountains. It was a beautiful sight with the whole town lit up for Christmas!We had a lot of fun walking the cute little streets, peering through shop windows, doing a little shopping in the unique stores, watching the kids sledding down the ice (no snow right now which is totally unusual), and taking pics...fun Christmasy times We had a very nice evening, it would've been better if there was snow on the ground but hopefully it'll snow real soon. I'm dreaming of a white Christmas!! :)

The day was long and fun, full of Christmas spirit with friends and family.

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Lj said...

Wish I was there! Love Leavenworth and lefse! Jonas' peeps are big on those things :) love and miss you!