Saturday, December 3, 2011

Moses Lake Parade

Last night my mom, step-dad, and I (along with our little dogs) drove thirty minutes to the next nearest town of Moses Lake.

The evening started off by bundling ourselves up for the cold weather. Once we were all ready, including our lil pups, we headed out. First stop once we got to Moses Lake was TACO BELL!! Since there's no TB in our little town, I have to make sure I get it when we make the trip to Moses lake a half hour away. It was yummy, but I must admit that the TB in Wenatchee (an hour away) is way better! LOL :) You notice these things when you don't get it very often. Haha!

The main reason we made the trip out there though, was for the Moses Lake Agricultural Holiday Parade. It was an evening parade, starting at 7pm, and it was FREEZING!!! It was a super cold 28 degrees (but felt like 19!)!! We sat out in that freezing weather for nearly an hour and a half watching the decorated tractors, combines, and trucks all decorated for Christmas. It was actually so much fun!! The local kids were so excited waiting for candy to be thrown out to them, the adults were a little stressed making sure their kids didn't get run over chasing the candy being thrown into the street, the cheerleaders were doing their thing walking down the street of the parade, the local farm and rodeo queens were riding high-up on their decorated was great! :)

And to top it all off, it was so fun getting all bundled up...I had so many layers on and I was still freezing! LOL Some of the locals had on a single coat, gloves, and maybe a beenie or hat. I had on some long underwear (top and bottom), a sweater, my big coat, a cowl scarf, gloves, and a fur hat!! SO MUCH FUN!!

We also met up with some of my parents friends, Rick and Glenna..they are so sweet! They enjoyed the last bit of the parade with us.
Now, I'm looking forward to our small town parade next week in Ephrata! That should be interesting because its a WAAAYYYYY smaller town than Moses Lake! LOL

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