Friday, December 9, 2011

Women's Christmas Dinner

Tonight was a Women's Christmas Dinner at Ephrata First Baptist church, where I have gone since I moved up here to WA. The ladies all gathered together this evening for a night of fellowship, food, music, and MY DELICIOUS CUPCAKES! That's right...I had a cupcake gig!

If you don't already know, I have another blog (my business) called The Clever Corner where I talk about my cupcake catering, creative crafts, and cozy crocheting. I just blogged over there about all the details leading up to the event regarding my cupcake gig...please feel free to check out what I wrote over there too :)

Anyway, the night was a lot of fun. My mom and I went together and sat at a table with some really nice ladies who I got to know a little bit in an 2.5 hr time period. We chatted over the yummy food and cupcakes and told little tid-bits of details about ourselves to get acquainted. It will be nice to walk into church on Sunday and know a few more faces :)

The cupcakes were a hit, and hopefully I can get some new business up here in WA because of this one event. The ladies just LOVED the cupcakes and the display and raved about it all night. Some even took pictures next to the table display. That made me feel good :) I'm really glad everyone liked the presentation!

(the pictures don't do the display really looked amazing in person!)

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