Saturday, December 10, 2011

Small-Town WA Holiday Festivities

Today was a fun-filled day in both my small town of Ephrata, WA and a town nearby of Soap Lake. Both cities were celebrating Christmas today...Ephrata with a "Miracle on Main Street Christmas Celebration" and Soap Lake with their "Winterfest". There was a jingle bell fun-run, pancake breakfasts, crafts for the kiddos, photos with Santa, football toss, coloring contests, lunch at the recreation center, bake sales, choirs singing...and then this evening in Ephrata was their parade.

It was a chilly day today, 22 deg, feels like 9 deg! So needless to say, I BUNDLED UP! :) For most of the day I had on some thick tights, long underwear pants and kneehigh socks - all under my jeans...a long underwear top, gingerbread man tee-shirt, TWO button up sweaters and then a heavy coat with a scarf, gloves and my the evening I added a hat and some earmuffs. LOL, lots of clothes on today! And guess what?...I was still cold! It was super chilly! We all kinda wished it had snowed today, it sure was cold enough to have.

We began the day watching some of the town-folk run in the freezing weather for the jingle bell fun-run. A few of them were dressed in some holiday gear which totally made it look like fun! But we were smart and watched from inside the heated car! LOL :) We know how to do it right!!

Next we went to Soap Lake, a teenie-tiny town about 10 minutes away. They had a huge Christmas tree in the middle of the main street that they had put up and started to decorate. There were people standing around at firepits in the middle of the street to keep warm (and boy did Annie and I like standing by the fire!!)So did mom, Ray-Ray, and lil LucyKids were doing a football toss through a hoop in the middle of the street, there were craft tables up in a building where people were selling some of their homemade items...and kids were doing coloring contests and making fun holiday items, like painting pinecones, etc. Cute stuff. Santa also showed up, atop a firetruck! It was fun watching him ride down the street with the sirens going, everyone got excited for Santa to arrive. I missed getting a pic of him on the truck, but did get one of him walking in front...He had a nice little gazeebo he sat in to talk with the kids. It was funny though, Santa was HUGE! and not in a fat way! He was SOOOOO TALL! He was like a giant! And poor guy didn't look like he was in good shape. They had to tell the kids "now remember kids, Santa just had surgery, so watch out for his knee!". Hmmm, isn't it the knee that the kids sit on to tell Santa what they want for Christmas? LOL Well, they'll just have to stand to tell him this year! After Soap Lake, we drove back to Ephrata, dropped off our lil pups, and then went to the ERC (Ephrata Recreation Center) for some lunch and cookies. We ate some yummy hot dogs, nachos, and I got a cute gingerbread man cookie. Fun and yummy times! Poor gingerbread man...I started with his head! LOL :) do you like my Christmas garb? Gingerbread tee, ornament ball earings (that I made)...I was festive! :)When we were done eating, we went into the larger room where there were different table areas for kids to do crafts, games, get their face painted, etc. There was supposed to be caroling, but I guess we either missed it or they hadn't done it yet...cuz while we were there we didn't hear anything. That was kind of a bummer, we were looking forward to hearing the different choirs sing.

Later in the day our friends Rick and Glenna came over. We were going to play some games together and eat yummy cupcakes that I had made, but they were a little later than planned in getting here so we didn't have time. We had to take off and head out to the evening parade. It didn't take us long to get to the main street, since its only two blocks away (LOL - small town!). We set up our chairs on the curb to reserve our seating and then went into the Bookery to get a nice hot and yummy coffee drink to sip on during the parade.We had a couple minutes to spare, so we stayed inside for as long as possible...and then headed out to the street for the fun parade.
It was FREEZING!! But we were bundled up and excited to watch all the fun.The parade started and people were excited. A few tractors and trucks went by (vendors), some people with their dogs (because you were allowed to sign up just to walk your dogs in the parade LOL), and then the firetruck with Santa and Mrs. Claus...I asked, "is this the end of the parade?" and sure enough, it was! It only lasted about five minutes! TOO FUNNY! I think that's the shortest parade in history, and it was mostly just free advertisement for these vendors. Pretty cute, but too short...and lots of fun.

After the parade, the five of us went down a few blocks to the pizza parlor and spent the next hour and half eating yummy pizza and chatting away. The men were having fun talking about old classic cars, camping, and their little dogs LOL :)

It was a grand'ole day with holiday cheer. I like how the small-town folk celebrate with each other for the holidays. I'm sure big cities do it too, I just haven't really paid that much attention to it in the past...there was always so much hussle and bussle with lots of other things occupying my days. It was nice to experience it today. :)

Hope you all are having fun the last few days before Christmas is here! Don't let it pass you by without taking advantage of all the holiday cheer! :) Go have fun some fun with each other! Now that's an order! LOL :)

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