Friday, September 11, 2009

dumpster diver...treasure finder

Ok, so I am going to admit it, I am a....
DuMpStEr DiVeR!!!
Yep, that's right...I dig through people's trash to find treasures of my own. A lot of times it pays off - literally! Lots of people throw away furniture and homegoods that are still in good shape and I take them and sell them at my yard sales and make some pretty good money! Well, tonight I was heading home and saw something next to someone's trashcan and had to stop to pick it up...I had actually been wanting it for sometime but didn't want to fork out the cash for a brand new one at Target or Home Depot. So I was stoked when I found it for FREE! My 'treasure' is the cute little cushion you see on my porch swing! Its a little shorter than the length of the seat, but it works!! And you can't beat FREE!I also found this cool chair. I will be painting the arms and legs and hopefully the seat will clean up nicely. So, have you judged me yet? I hope not. Yes, its a dirty job, and going through trash is pretty gross...but I don't go overboard. I usually only pick stuff up that's sitting on top or next to the trash cans. I've only actually gotten into a dumpster once when someone threw away a ton of stuff that made me close to $100!!! So it was worth it! Ok, you now know a 'dirty little secret' of mine! :) Are we still friends? lol! :)

Oh, one more thing...If you ever want to get rid of anything and are thinking of throwing them away, let me know cuz I may want to come take them off your hands! Hopefully one day I can make a real business out this, cuz I think its pretty fun! It's a good feeling being able to take old beat-up furniture that was being thrown out and fix it up as good as new! I did that with a dresser I found on the side of the road. My mom did not want me to pick it up because it was pretty gross, but I did anyway, and now its all fixed up and being used in my bedroom...and it looks really cute!! You'd never know that someone had once thrown it out. Anyway, I'll pick up anything from old clothes to household items to furniture, etc. Just lemme know! :)

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