Thursday, September 10, 2009

jody gets *beautified*

Today was a much needed day!
My sweet friend Thiam beautified me!! She took my boring old hair and gave me a new style! With my new warm colored hair and funky style, I've been spiced up and given the boost I needed to start the Fall season ahead! I feel great and can't stop checking myself out in the mirror...I just love my hair!!! :)

I also had a much needed pedicure today! After 5 camping trips this summer, my feet needed some TLC! I love being pampered!! :) But what girl doesn' I right or am I right?!! With my Starbucks Mocha Frappucino (w/a pump of pumpkin spice) in-hand, I sat in the spa chair and got my feeties beautified! What a great day!

Later this evening I hung out at my cousin Duana's house along with my Gramma and other cousin Diana. We had some tasty Chinese food and I especially loved my fortune I hope it comes true!!!
And we watched "Newsies" of Christian Bale's first movies.
We had a good time! :)
Diana - Duana - Jody - Gramma
If you need hair and/or makeup done, please check out Thiam's info...
She does AMAZING work!!!

If you need a photographer, I would love to shoot your photos!
Jody Vasquez PhotographyIf you're planning on sending out Christmas cards this year, I would love to shoot your family photos for you. Hit me up for pricing and availability.
Let's work it out!

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