Saturday, September 12, 2009

fun evening at disneyland

A couple girlfriends from church invited me to Disneyland tonight for a few hours of fun at the happiest place on earth. We had a great time! Despite the crowds, we were able to go on all of our favorite rides, including a few just thrown in to top off the night. We later met up with a few others from church who were there too.
Good Times!But let's start at the beginning...
We started off the night at California Adventure. It was a beautiful night, but just a little warm. I'm definitely looking forward to the Fall weather coming up! :) Anyway, when we got into the park we headed straight towards the rollercoaster but made a quick stop for a photo-op Then off to the ride we went. The line was about a half hour long, but time passed by pretty quickly. But of course I took a pic of us while we waited...And then it was time...I was nervous, as I don't do real rollercoasters all that much. We got on and headed out...I was holding on for dear life! The ride took off FAST and zoomed around up and down and all around. I screamed a lot, while Ashley was laughing next to me having a great time! As we're flying around the tracks Ashley yells to smile for the camera...I love it! I'm glad she told me to smile, otherwise I would've had my eyes squeezed shut while holding my breath...or screaming! lol :)After the coaster ride, CA Adventure was closing so we headed towards Disneyland. On the way, we walked past some construction areas where lil Ashley took a cute picture in the kids outline of Mickey...she's so cute!!!
Then we headed into Disneyland...We HAD to take a picture in front of the castle...its just a MUST DO! Aren't we so cute?!!!! :)The first ride we went to was Thunder Mountain. The three of us squeezed into one seat and didn't move at all when riding the coaster! Pretty funny! :)
Then we met up with everyone over at Indiana Jones and waited in a 40 minute line where Holly and I tried to pass time kissing skulls! lol :) We also went on the Carousel...I tried to get on Mary Poppins horse, but some little girl beat me to it [darnit!] But I still found a cute horse next to my sweet girlfriends!All us girlies took a fun pic on Mr. Toad's carand then the park was closing [it was midnight] so we headed out to leave. As we were leaving Fantasy Land we did "the ninja" pose for a fun pic! I think it looks pretty cool!And then on Main Street we went through a few stores before leaving...and for only $0.25 I got my fortune told by EsmereldaI love how it asks for more money at the end!! haha :)
We had a great night!
Disneyland really is one of the Happiest Places on Earth!

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