Monday, September 7, 2009

Youth Camp-Out @ Camp Pendleton

This past Labor Day weekend was spent down south in Camp Pendleton at San Onofre Beach with the Bethany Baptist Youth Group. The High Schoolers and Leaders had a great time camping outdoors in tents and sleeping bags, with dirt, sand, burns, bugs, lobsters, and all! That's right, lobsters! There were a few practical jokes made, one in particular being a lobster in Anna's sleeping bag!It was gross, but she was a good sport! The lobster got passed around a few times and I think it ended up in one of the ice chests to scare those going in for a refreshing water bottle! hahaha, good times!! I'm just glad that no one ever put it in my sleeping bag...I think I would've cried! I don't like sea creatures all that much!! And then a discusting bug was found in the girl's tent, but one of the boys rescued us!Anyway, the trip got off to a late start, but we made it down to the campgrounds with no holiday traffic so we were pleased. We arrived and set-up camp. Everyone showed great teamwork and helped get the tents up and luggage in. Then we headed up to the site where all our meals would be and devoured some scrumptious hot dogs! It was late, about 10:30pm...we were all tired and hungry, so the dogs went fast! I think a few boys ate between 3 and 4 of them! Them grow'n boys need lots of food I guess! heehee!! Tim and Charley enjoyed a few dogs themselves!That was about it for the first night. Since we had a late arrival, the kiddos had a little while left for free-time and then had to be in the tents by midnight...then off to sleepy land for us all!!Everyday started with breakfast at 8am and then morning "devo's" (group devotionals) shortly after. Charley led the group in a devo and then had them spend about 15 minutes on their own, alone with God where they could dig deeper into the Word and apply the lesson to their lives. They learned that 'Sin is Real', 'Love is Real', and 'Hope is Real'...We reap what we sow: the things we allow in our lives do affect what comes out of our lives! If we allow bad things/sinful things in, then bad things will grow and flourish in our lives and we will live in sin. But if we plant good things and use God's Word to feed us, then we will produce good fruit.

After devos, it was beach time. We all had so much fun playing in the water, boogie boarding, laying out, playing beach volleyball, shell hunting, lobster finding, eating, hanging out together, running away from bees, playing with Charley and Thiam's kiddos, and just being in fellowship with one another.

I found camping to be a great way to get to know the teens. Spending time outdoors with them goof'n around encourages not only them, but us as leaders to take time to raise up the youth right, as they will be the leaders in the future! They are such great kiddos, I'm so glad I was able to help out and be one of the leaders on this trip.

Here are some fun pics from the weekend at the beach:

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