Monday, September 14, 2009

we don't deserve it

Yesterday at church, Pastor Josh Matlock spoke on Mark 10:46-52. The passage explains how Bartimaeus, the blind man, was healed because of his faith. He didn't care about what the crowds of people thought...he was persistent and Jesus heard his plea for mercy and answered with healing.

What faith this man had...blind faith! He didn't have to see Jesus to believe, which is what many people struggle with. He called out to the "Son of David", the Messiah, with no concern for judgement from others around him, asking for something he knew he didn't deserve but had faith that Jesus would hear him. And Jesus did...using the crowd [to teach them], He sent them to bring Bartimaeus to Him. Although the crowd initially shunned B and tried to quiet him down as Jesus was on His journey towards Jerusalem, Jesus showed them the faith of a poor blind beggar, teaching them the need for:

1. Persistance: Bartimaeus persists in faith, in prayer. He continued to cry out for Jesus. Learn to rely on Jesus and not on your own accord. The more you go to Him, the more you will rely on Him.

2. Specifics: Jesus asked Bartimaeus to be specific. He told Jesus he wanted mercy, but Jesus wanted him to be specific about what he wanted. And B answered and said he wanted to see again...and he was healed! Even though Jesus already knows the desires of our hearts, He still wants us to ask, because we learn through asking. We learn by relying on Him, but also because once we hear our own prayers we can refine them. He's helping us to get a better understanding of what we really need, instead of what we think we need. Have you ever wanted something and then prayed and asked God for it, and as you're asking realize how silly it sounds? Geez, I do it all the time.

3. Following Jesus: No matter what the crowds were saying or doing, Bartimaeus believed and sought after the Messiah.

Do we really understand God's love for us like Bartimaeus did? Do we have his blind faith? Or are we more like the crowds of people that didn't understand those three concepts of how to receive God's love?
When you go to pray this week, take a moment before you start to really think about who you are praying to, and think about what it is you are asking for...and see if things change when you bow your head to pray to God. Are you seeking God and His Will for your life as you go to pray? Are you relying on Him by being persistent and specific with your prayers? And are you following Him as you walk through life this week, listening and waiting for Him to answer?

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound
that saved a wretch like me!
I once was lost, but now am found
T'was blind, but now I see

Just for fun...[this was shown at the beginning of the service]

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