Saturday, November 28, 2009

black friday

So this was my first year out with all the CRAZIES shopping on Black Friday. Yes, CRAZIES...its insane out there!! I was at the Ontario Mills Mall at midnight the day after Thanksgiving, along with about a million other people! I swear, it was a fire hazzard in there! I stood in a 2 hour line for COACH and got two purses that are going to be returned (as I realized they're nothing special), went to Bed Bath & Beyond, Bath & Body Works, and H&M...then headed home at 4:30am. I woke up at 9am and continued the Black Friday shopping at Target, Walmart, Aaron Bros, and Pier 1. It was a long day!! Never again will I go shopping on this day...its way too crazy for me! I'd much prefer to wait a day or two and shop with the more sensible people, and still get the same sales!

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selle said...

omg!!! you r crazy!!! wow, i would have an anxiety attack in that crowd! =)