Thursday, December 3, 2009

SD Zoo

Its been a few years since I'd last been to the SD Zoo! My cousin Julie lives down that way and had some free tickets, so I drove down there and we had a great time! Last night I drove to her house, sadly I wasn't paying attention and went WAY out of the way on the fwy, but found my way and got there in time to watch a movie and hang out before heading to bed. I stayed the night in their guest room, and then we got up today and went on our way. We first went to VG's donuts in San Elijo (the best donuts EVER) and had our breakfast, stopped at a thrift store, Julie took me to her favorite Ross, and then we finally made it to the Zoo. We had a great time walking around, seeing all the different animals, taking super fun pictures of each other, getting lost and walking in circles around the park, and just enjoying each other's company. It was a great day!

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