Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Flu

Unfortunatley, this Christmas I had a 24hr flu. What a bummer it was that it was on Christmas Day (why not the day after?). But I lived! lol :) I was laying in bed (of course it was the middle of the night) and felt that if I moved I would throw up! I stayed as still as I could for most of the night, but finally gave up at 7am. Before I got up, I prayed and asked God to please allow me to make it to the bathroom and put my hair up before I threw up. Yes, I prayed about my hair! lol :) Anyway, God totally answered my prayer! I made it to the bathroom, put my hair up, and then had at it. I threw up at least 10 times, getting it all out, with tears streaming down my face. I absolutely HATE throwing up!! Then I headed for the couch, where I laid all day feeling sick. I had a minor fever and an upset stomach the entire day. At 4pm I finally decided to open some presents that my mom and sister had mailed me. It was all I could do to sit up and open them, and then had to lay back down. But I wasn't about to go through Christmas Day and not open presents! The day was a bummer, sick and alone! But through all the sickness and loneliness, I still feel blessed that I have such a wonderful family and friends who thought of me this day with gifts, calls, and cards. I love you all and so wish I could've spent the day with you! Maybe next year!

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