Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hyde Christmas Bake-Off '09

This year, Christmas with the Hyde's had a twist! Instead of just having our Mexican fiesta, we also had a Bake-Off! Only three of us cousins participated this year, hopefully next year the others will join in! But it was fun! I was super excited to bake, because I was making a cupcake cake!! It was awesome! I think it came out pretty good for my first time! The other girls made some yummy desserts too! Julie made a gorgeous cheesecake, and Christy made a perfectly drizzled cocunut bunt-cake. Our Grandpa was the judge and was forced to taste all our yummy baked goods. As he devoured each slice, we hovered over anticipating his vote for winner. Of course he didn't want to choose between the three of us, so he voted it a three-way tie! He's too nice! haha :) So we all left feeling pretty good about our Bake-Off, knowing that everyone enjoyed our creations. But secretly I vote myself the winner! LOL! Why not, right? :)

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