Saturday, March 27, 2010


my obsession is...
Not just the cutest little mouth-watering cakes that I so love to put in my mouth, but all those little trinket jars, cookie jars, ornaments, necklaces, and all cupcake decorations in general. I'm OBSESSED!!!

I actually just got done baking and decorating some cupcakes for our church dessert auction tomorrow, and I think they are pretty cute! They have little peeps on them, an Easter theme!
I also have cupcakes around my kitchen, because they're just so cute!I have even made my own cupcake ornaments, and if you love them as much as I do I am taking orders for your own custom set!
(contact me for pricing)See, its an obsession...I wasn't exagerating! LOL!
Thank you, to those who have already added to my collection!

On my mom's recent visit out here, she brought me a cute little surprise...
"Cupcake Fairy"
she's just so cute!!!Well, too bad I didn't make any extra cupcakes for tonight's dessert...maybe I'll bid on them at the auction tomorrow!! LOL :)


Becky said...

Your Easter cupcakes are super cute! Nice job =)

Jody said...

Thanks Becky! :) They raised $25 at the auction today!! Yippee!!!

Jenny Mena said...

Your little "Cupcake Fairy" looks just like Hailey Jo, but without the cupcake! Although I'm sure she'd LOVE to be sitting on top of a cupcake!!!