Tuesday, March 23, 2010

flea market treasure hunt

After church on Sunday, my friend Thiam and I drove out to Long Beach to go on a treasure hunt through the LB Antique Flea Market. Oh how I love flea markets!!! I think they might be my most favorite thing in the whole world!! I get so much joy out of the hunt for something unique and special hidden amongst a million other treasures that have been discarded by others and are waiting to be found. I would much rather search through a bunch of "junk" for hours on end just to find that one special little unique item at a fraction of the price...than go to a normal store where there's something just sitting there waiting for you (there's no fun in that!).

Some of you may still think what I find is junk, but I have a crazy imagination when it comes to this type of shopping. I think you have to, in order for it to work for you. I research through magazines, books, and the internet, getting ideas of what I'm going to be looking for. If I didn't, I would want everything! lol! You've gotta narrow your search before you start the hunt! And when you find what you're looking for, it may still need a lot of work done on it. I like those kind of finds...because I like the challenge of using what I find and creating something new with it, or making it better.

As I strolled along the 20 acres of rows with dealers and bargain hunters, I found myself smiling and filled with excitement. I looked through boxes, on tables, under tables, through other people's second-hand goods hoping to find my special treasure...and I did find a couple items that I just had to have! And what a bargain of a price they were!!!

1 quilted pillow = $12
2 vintage trays = $11

Spending the day doing something I love...

After our fun day of bargain hunting, Thiam and I grabbed some dinner at one of my favorite places, El Tarasco. Because we were friendly with the owner, asking him about the business and such, he gave us a GREAT discount and asked us to come back again! Its pays to be nice to people! :)

We had a great day together, I always love spending time with sweet Thiam! Thanks chica, for coming out with me today, and for picking up the tab at dinner! You're awesome girly! Love ya!


Jenny Mena said...

i am just like you auntie jo.i love trash collecting things like:
cardboard boxes, plastic soda bottles, egg cartons and anything i can get my hands on really. then i turn e'm into something. for instance, a styrofoam egg carton, duct tape, styrofoam stuff, and toothpicks make a waterproof sailboat.


Jenny Mena said...

Actually, I'M just like you! (This is Jenny speaking now). I've never seen such a HUGE flea market!! I would be in heaven too!! How did you only buy those 3 things? I'm sure it takes some serious self-control. I wish I could have been with you!

Jenny Mena said...

Oh, and by the way, I learned how to make those cute little "yo-yos" that were on the pillow you bought! It's so fun and easy. Call me and I'll tell you how. Then you can make your own pillows!